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Krista is a client focused mortgage specialists who will guarantee you the best mortgage to suit your individual needs! The process of buying a home can be stressful and overwhelming; we've been there and that's why we are here for you. We prefer to think of ourselves as "Mortgage Managers". Not only to ease you through the process step by step but also to educate you before, during and long after the purchase so that you are always able to make those informed decisions. We recognize the stress that is associated with such a major investment and we strive to keep the process running smoothly from start to finish and eliminate any surprises along the way. There has long been the belief that the "bank" was the best place to go when searching out a mortgage. That based on your long term banking relationship they will give you the best mortgage possible. The mortgage broker was the person you saw if you had less than stellar credit and your bank had turned you away. In actuality it is quite the opposite. Mortgage brokers deal with all clients from the best credit to slightly bruised credit. A mortgage broker is someone who understands you and your specific situation. The biggest investment of your life can also be a very pleasant experience